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A Small Family Business

Anna & Eve is a small family business that sprang from our desire as new parents to do everything we could to support the health, happiness and well being of our daughter, while easing the stress of parenting. Our names are Anna Jones and Robert Houston, and we came to parenthood excited and eager to learn all that we could to ensure a healthy pregnancy and birth, as well as to prepare for our transition into life as parents. We spent countless hours before and after Eve's arrival researching baby gear - strollers, car seats, bottles, pacifiers - everything we new we would need. (And several things we hadn't imagined!)


There are some pretty amazing products out there that have come from parents' needs and desires. But every so often, we wish for something to help us as parents that doesn't exist. That's when we hit the drawing board!


We invented our first product, Swaddle Strap®, during our very first week home with newborn Eve in May of 2011. We were sold on swaddling to help calm her - we had watched Happiest Baby on the Block, and saw immediately that Dr. Harvey Karp's 5 s's worked like magic...but we wrestled with getting a good blanket swaddle that could hold our little Houdini, and none of the other swaddling products were exactly what we were looking for. From talking with friends, we knew we weren't the only parents who felt this way. So we created Swaddle Strap® - a new type of arms only swaddle, that goes on in seconds and is virtually escape proof.


We are thrilled to have made something that helps parents swaddle their babies effectively and with ease, while providing numerous advantages over other swaddling products. We hear from parents every day who are thrilled that their babies sleep longer and more soundly with Swaddle Strap®. And as any parent knows, when baby gets more sleep, so do parents.


Our second product, The LifeChanger™, fills another parenting need. Having gotten caught away from home one too many times without a good place to change Eve's diaper, we came up with the idea of a diaper bag that was your home changing surface as well as a lap top changer, that would hold your diaper changing supplies and could be used anywhere.


There seems to be a large number of public washrooms - particularly men's rooms - that do not have changing stations. And even when they do, those pull-down stations are uncomfortable for baby and of questionable cleanliness. And what about when you are on a road trip? In the park? At a friend's or relative's house? The LifeChanger™ allows you to change your diaper anywhere, just as conveniently as you do at home.


As long as we continue to wish we had products for parenting that don't exist, we will keep them coming! We are currently working on our next product, so stay tuned!


- Anna, Robert & Eve

Swaddle Strap is Patents Pending.

The LifeChanger is Patent Pending.