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Swaddle Strap by Anna and Eve

Swaddle Strap® Customer Review

by Leah in Pasadena, CA

What Swaddle Strap® Parents Are Saying

From Amazon: 5.0 out of 5 stars Perfect swaddling product for any temperature.  By Teneniel  

I waited way too long to order my Swaddle Strap. The last straw was on a hot day when my baby went to bed but woke up two hours later screaming from the heat. Her swaddler was just too hot even with only a diaper on underneath it, but she can't sleep without being swaddled. My baby is 4 months old and 14lbs and fits the large size. Here is what I absolutely love about this product:

1. You can use it with any combination of clothing. From just a light onesie on a hot day to footie PJs with a sleep sack on a cold night, it goes on over the top of anything.

2. It's extremely lightweight and packs up small. Just close all the velcro, roll, and it takes up less space in a suitcase than a sleeper.

3. The pillows make escape a non-issue. The very first time I used the Swaddle Strap, my baby got one arm out, but after reading the troubleshooting paragraph on the info sheet, it hasn't happened since. I just have to hold the little pillow down very firmly and draw the strap across her more securely. This is a baby who could previously escape anything except the receiving blanket/swaddler trick (which is too hot in the summer!).

4. I have a reflux baby, so spitup was always an issue with the other swaddle products. But Swaddle Strap sits lower on her body, and never gets goobered on.

5. The product is made in the USA by a small family business.

We plan on having two more kiddos, and I will be ordering enough to have two of each size on hand at all times. This is the ONLY swaddle you'll ever need!

From Amazon:  5.0 out of 5 stars Works like a charm. By Jordan.

Our baby is six weeks old, and has so much trouble falling asleep without being swaddled. Sleep sacks work great at night, but just aren't practical for daytime naps. After going through a couple of days where our baby wouldn't nap for eight hour stretches during the day, my wife was ready to construct something like this. Instead we searched the internet and came across the "Swaddle Strap." We watched the videos and it was exactly what we were looking for. It came in the mail just today, and after being awake for four hours this morning, put it on our baby girl and she was sleeping in her swing within ten minutes. The fact that this is designed and sold by a small family buinsess and the "Swaddle Strap" is Made in America is an added bonus.

If your baby has trouble sleeping without being swaddled, I highly recommend the "Swaddle Strap."

From Amazon:  5.0 out of 5 stars perfect for my growing baby! By Stephen Robinson.

My baby had almost completely outgrown all the traditional swaddle blankets by 2 and a half months and she was not ready to sleep without it. The Swaddle Strap saved my sanity! It fits my baby perfectly and is so great during the warmer months because I don't always have to have her bundled up the way she was with the other swaddle blankets I had :) I will definitely be buying another one in a smaller size next time I have a baby on the way!

From Amazon: 5.0 out of 5 stars Great product! By Kristen.

I have been beyond pleased with this. We got the >5 month size for my large 4 month old who was unable to sleep not swaddled. As the weather turned warmer, I worried about swaddling him in blankets, and as he grew more mobile, I worried about him smothering himself with the blankets. This strap is great. I will say that if it's not on super-tight he WILL get his arms out of it, but he can't take it off or move it to around his neck/face. And you have the option of leaving an arm out to train them to sleep unswaddled. My son is now 6 1/2 months old and still sleeps with this every night.  

On April 21 2012 Jennifer writes:  

"Hi my name is Jennifer I recently ordered the robin strap in a size small and I just want to say THANK YOU!!!!! not only did you respond quickly to my email and super fast shipping but the strap is a dream come true. It is exactly what My LO needed!!!! The quality is great and guess what.. He has slept through the night for the first 2 times and both nights he had swaddle strap and not those huge swaddle wraps or sacks which he managed to break free from multiple times! My LO is 3 months by the way."

Pauline from Queensland, Australia wrote to us:  

"We bought the Swaddle Strap as a last resort for our 5 month old who could houdini out of any wrap we tried but could not sleep with his arms out at all. The Swaddle Strap has been amazing - he has not once been able to get out, his arms are comfortably beside him, and best of all he is nice and cool during out extremely hot Australian summer, which was my biggest concern about wrapping him any longer. He goes to sleep without a fuss because he knows he can't get out, so he just relaxes and nods off! Thanks so much for a fantastic product!"

From our shopping cart Reviews, Alisha gives Swaddle Strap 5 stars and says:  

"Best swaddle product ... I absolutely love using the swaddle strap on my baby girl. She was able to break out of other swaddle blankets & swaddler type sleepwear when she was just a few weeks old. I found the swaddle strap online when she was 4 weeks old, and we've been using it ever since. She is now 16 weeks old and still uses it every night. She can not break out of it, and she sleeps well thru the night in it. I love that we can dress her in sleepers, sleep sacks, nightgowns, onesies, what ever we want. We can also safely use a blanket on her, if we choose. I wish more parents knew about your product, i think they would love it too. Thank you for giving her and me many sleep filled nights!"

From our Facebook page, Ashley in Tasmania, Australia says:

"Thanks again! Our daughter is loving the swaddle strap and it's much easier to keep her cool. And it's so cute on her :)... I'm really happy with it! Used it in the pram today while were out. It was quite hot but not for her! I'm telling all my friends about you guys!"

From our Facebook page, Andrea, whose son has eczema and needs to be cool to prevent itching and swaddled to prevent scratching, writes:

"I received the Swaddle Strap this morning, and my son is now taking a sound nap with it on! It was so easy, and he was happy too. Usually, it takes me so long to wrap him with something else, he starts crying. I recommend the Swaddle Strap for every parent! Thank you!"

From her blog Roxanne writes:

"Holy cow I am not sure how we lived before this amazing product came into our lives....."  read the entire post here:  We've Got the Good Life

From our shopping cart Reviews, Hope gives Swaddle Strap 5 stars and writes:

"I was impressed with the quality of the swaddle strap, but even more impressed with how great it works. It was to be a gift for someone, but I made the mistake of showing it and now they are using it. I'll be buying another. This is perfect for swaddling them and putting them in the swing."

From our Facebook page Kayli writes.... 

"Our swaddle strap came today as our little Sophia was fussing away so we tried it out...She loves it! It instantly calmed her and is so easy to use! No more sweaty fussy baby thank you so much!"

From our Facebook Page Brianne writes... 

"Would Swaddle Strap fit my 5 month old, 14.5 lb. baby? We're still swaddling and it helps, so I'll do it as long as I can."  

Then 10 days later, after receiving her Swaddle Strap:    

"Kinlee in her Swaddle Strap. Yep, she's 5 months old and still prefers to be swaddled, and I love how cool it is for these hot summer days!"

Melanie wrote to us on June 19, 2011:   

"My little girl needs to be swaddled to get any amount of or night. I think this looks great because we can still use our muslin blanket over it or can go without if it's really warm."

Then on June 30:  

"Hi Anna, Just wanted to touch base since we've been able to use the swaddle strap for a few days. I really like it, especially for nighttime. It makes swaddling her after nursing so much easier. I don't disturb her as much, so she is sleeping sounder when I lay her down. She also can't escape it! The little pillow things are really critical in keeping her arms down, otherwise I think she actually might be able to escape. Good design. I also like that I don't have to strap her super tight, but she still stays in it. Thanks for picking such a cute pattern, too!"

From our Facebook page Leah writes.... 

"It's true, it's true.....she really loves this thing! Tonight I loosely swaddled her in a blanket and I got the feeling she was waiting for the swaddle strap to go to sleep and sure enough, when I put it on she was OUT! It's really a great product!"

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