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We invented the LifeChanger® because we got stuck one too many times away from home without a good place to change Eve's diaper.

If you have (or have ever had) a baby, you know what we are talking about. You are in a restaurant and they don't have a changing station in the restroom, or they only have one in the women's room... you are in the park and have to change your baby on the grass or a park bench... you are at your friend's house and change your baby on the bed, afraid something messy will get on the comforter... you are in a parking lot and need to change your baby on your lap or the seat of the car...


The little pads that come with most diaper bags are helpful, but small and don't offer much padding. And what if you lose it in some public washroom during a road trip, like we did (grrr)? Then there's the issue of where to set the bag so that you can get to your supplies, without setting it on the floor. Those little notches on changing stations won't hold any diaper bag we've ever had.


And what about needing your diaper cream or wipes, and you realize that you left them on the changing station at home. You try to have two of each of those things - one for home and one for the bag, but it doesn't always work out that way.


We had experienced all of that and had had enough!


The breaking point came when we were in an ice cream parlor and infant Eve had what we affectionately refered to as a "blow-out". Robert went to change her diaper in the single, unisex restroom in the place. There was no changing station... heck, there wasn't even a seat on the toilet. And the floor was sticky and yucky. But Eve had a poopy, leaky diaper and daddy just had to make it work. I'm not even sure exactly how he managed to keep Eve clean, safe and off of the floor, but he did...and he walked out of that restroom with a look of exasperation and disgust and said:


"Okay, so THAT was HORRIBLE and I know what our next product is going to be."


He described his idea and we started brainstorming and sketching then prototyping and tweaking until the LifeChanger® was born!


It solves all of those problems above and more. It's beautifully made and really stylish! We absolutely LOVE it, and we think you will, too.


- Anna




Robert and Eve working on the first prototype of The LifeChanger®.


Anna and Eve checking it out.

The LifeChanger is Patent Pending.