3 Swaddle Strap® Bundle

Still want sleep while your Swaddle Strap® is in the wash? Want an extra for daycare? Have Triplets? Save 15% when you buy three together!

You choose sizes and colors.… Read More

Happy Baby Now

The Lifechanger Changed My Life! We’re all good. This is a real stand-in testimonial!

TheLifeChanger® FAQs

TheLifeChanger® FAQs Does TheLifeChanger® hold as much stuff as a normal diaper bag? I use cloth diapers. Will TheLifeChanger® hold what I need for this? How does TheLifeChanger® save me money? Does TheLifeChanger® fit on public changing stations? Can I … Read More

Swaddle Strap® FAQs

Swaddle Strap® FAQs How do I know which size will fit my baby? My baby is too long for most swaddle products. Will Swaddle Strap® work for us? My baby can roll over – is it safe to use Swaddle … Read More

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