We’ve been told that some babies fall asleep easily and sleep all the time. Our daughter, Eve, was not one of those babies. Eve would NOT sleep unless she was swaddled.

We learned about swaddling shortly before her birth, but what swaddling diagrams don’t show is that babies are really strong and they fight back while you try to swaddle them. Incapable of the origami mastery required for traditional swaddle blankets, Eve’s daddy, Robert, lay awake one night holding her newborn arms down so she would sleep.

It was at that moment that he envisioned Swaddle Strap®—a swaddle that could be done quickly and without skill, that wouldn’t slide up over baby’s face, that you wouldn’t have to undo to change her diaper, and that you could put on in 10 seconds!

That night, seven days home from the hospital after the birth of little Eve, Swaddle Strap® arms only baby swaddle was born.

Six months later, after a very unpleasant diaper changing experience in the restroom of an ice cream parlor with no changing station, a sticky floor, and barely any room to move, Eve’s daddy got the idea for TheLifeChanger®—a diaper bag that converts to a baby changing station you can use on your lap, while keeping all of your supplies off the floor and within reach. We think you’ll agree it’s the best diaper bag designed for busy parents on the go.

We have several more products in the pipeline, so stay tuned!

We Are…

Robert, Anna & Eve – May 6, 2011: The week we invented Swaddle Strap®.

Anna Jones (mom), Robert Houston (dad), and Eve Houston (daughter) are the family behind Anna & Eve® LLC. With Eve for inspiration, Robert’s ingenious product ideas and Anna’s sewing and design skills, Swaddle Strap® and TheLifeChanger® were conceived, prototyped and brought to market between 2010-2012. Since then, Swaddle Strap® and TheLifeChanger® have eased the stress of parenting for thousands of families.

  • Anna has a bachelor’s degree in fine art and before starting Anna & Eve, had a career in the culinary field.
  • Robert has a master’s degree in fine art and career in retail management.
  • Eve loves dinosaurs, drawing, learning, building things, playing in the dirt and running around outside.
  • The family and business reside in sunny Placitas, New Mexico, USA.