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TheLifeChanger® Messenger Diaper Bag & Portable Changing Station

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Never worry again about where to change your baby’s diaper!

TheLifeChanger® is both a portable changing station and diaper bag. You can do clean, comfy and convenient diaper changes virtually anywhere – even on your lap! Plus the convertible straps lets you choose to use as an over-the-shoulder baby diaper bag, backpack diaper bag, or a messenger diaper bag.


No need to invest in both a changing pad for home and a diaper bag — TheLifeChanger® is the only changing pad you need!

It’s the pad on your changing table at home and it’s your diaper bag—so it travels with you to make diaper changes anywhere as convenient for you and comfy for baby as they are on your own changing table. And no need to double up on all of your creams, wipes, and other supplies!


TheLifeChanger® is designed to fit most standard home diaper tables.

Use TheLifeChanger® as the pad on your changing table at home and FLIP the pouches, ZIP and GO whenever it’s time to go out with baby.  All of your supplies are there and baby will have a familiar place for diaper changes, no matter where you find yourself.

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TheLifeChanger® fits perfectly on changing stations in public washrooms…no more placing baby on that hard surface of questionable cleanliness. All of your supplies are visible, off of the floor and within reach. Plus, you don’t have to wrestle with where to place your diaper bag during the change.


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With TheLifeChanger®, you can easily change your baby on a bed, a couch, on the grass, a park bench…any stable, level surface will do! Four mesh pouches hold all of your diapering supplies within reach. Soft cotton pad is super comfy and removes for easy machine washing.  Outer pockets provide easy access to frequently used items: bottles and sippy cups, wipes, keys, phone, cash, tablet, book…

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TheLifeChanger® FAQ’s page…

TheLifeChanger® is patent pending.


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