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From soft and dreamy swaddlers to stylish diaper bags that do double duty, Anna & Eve® baby products are uniquely designed to help make everyday tasks like traveling and sleeping easier for you and baby. TheLifeChanger® diaper bag and Swaddle Strap® are must-have baby essentials that are truly praise worthy. Shop our baby products today and save with our product bundles!

Swaddle Strap®

The best swaddle wrap – Arms down! Get a good night’s sleep tonight with the Swaddle Strap® arms only baby swaddle. Goes on in 10 seconds and stays on! Made with 100% woven cotton that is light and supportive, safe and comfortable.
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Never worry again about where to change your baby’s diaper! TheLifeChanger® is the only diaper bag that BECOMES a safe, comfy, hygienic baby changing station you can use anywhere, even on your lap. The different compartments will help you find what you need quickly.
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Baby Loves...™

Baby Loves…™ luxuriously soft, hand-printed baby tees & onesies. Baby Loves…™ dinosaurs... kittens... airplanes. Baby Loves...™EVERYTHING! Most of all Baby Loves You! Baby Loves…™ celebrates little ones’ curiosity, excitement and discovery of everything cool in the universe.
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